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Feb 2012 Hyundai Service Manager Conf. At Goa
Jan 2012 Docomo Photon Max Launch
Jan 2012 Mirchi – Safety Week
Dec 2011 Asian Paints Xmas Carnival
Dec 2011 Radio City Super Singer - 2011
Dec 2011 Gail – IRSM
Nov 2011 DHL Conference at Rajkot
Nov 2011 ArtKarat Press Conference in Abad/Surat
Oct 2011 Bausch and Lomb College Activity in Ahmedabad
Oct 2011 Dell Mall Promotion in Ahmedabad and Mumbai
Oct 2011 Icici Conference at Ahmedabad
Sep 2011 Tata Sky Mall Promotion
Sep 2011 Himalaya Product College Activity at Pune
Aug 2011 Amar Toothpaste Mall Promotion
Aug 2011 Gail Foundation day at Bharch
Jul 2011 Dare Conference
Jun 2011 Kohler Plant Launch
May 2011 ArtKarat Press Conference
May 2011 Small ENTERPRISE Conference
May 2011 Indica eV2 Promotion
Apr 2011 Eno Van Activity
Apr 2011 Asian Paints Dealer Meet
Jan 2011 Eicher Launch - Vadodara
Jan 2011 ET Now Stock Workshop at Grand Bhagwati, Ahmedabad
Dec 2010 Mirchi Colony Activity
Dec 2010 Cubix Stall Design at Acma IT Show, Ahmedabad
Dec 2010 Xmas Carnival at Centre Square Mall
Nov 2010 ArtKarat Press Conference in Baroda
Nov 2010 “MRM Connect” Ceat Tyre
Oct 2010 Uninor Roadshow
Sep 2010 “Uninor U’Thrive” a Talent hunt event from Radio Mirchi
Sep 2010 Inauguration of Mahindra 2 Wheeler showroom
Aug 2010 Inauguration of Kochar Call Centre
Aug 2010 Gail Day Event at Jhabua(MP)
Aug 2010 Independence day Celebration at Spencer Hyper
May 2010 ICICI Walkathon
Apr 2010 Canon Expo
Apr 2010 Mahindra 2 wheeler mall promotions
Mar 2010 Press conference in Baroda for Artkarat
Mar 2010 Hero Honda Customer Meet at Chikhli, Navsari, Valsad
Mar 2010 Whirlpool Dealer Meet at Baroda, Abad, Surat, Daman, Bharuch, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, Mehsana, Kutch
Mar 2010 TCI XPS Customer Meet
Mar 2010 Women Carnival at Centre Square Mall
Feb 2010 Roadshow of Gulmohar Mall. Ahmedabad
Feb 2010 Roadshow Star Plus “Bahnien”
Jan 2010 Drawing Contest at Centre Square Mall
Dec 2009 Xmas Carnival at Centre Square Mall
Nov 2009 Razzmatazz 09 (Kids Carnival)
Nov 2009 NRI Marriage Reception>
Nov 2009 Star Gold Roadshow. Sabka Fav, Kon
Nov 2009 Corporate Event (Foreign delegates)
Oct 2009 Spencer Food Beverages Launch
Oct 2009 Areva – Diwali celebration
Sept 2009 Press conference in Surat for Artkarat.
Sept 2009 Areva – Family Day Celebrations
Sept 2009 Samsung Dealer Meet
Aug 2009 “Mrs. Home Minister” one min game show for ladies
Aug 2009 Hajmola Promotions (Baroda, Surat, Rajkot, Panji, Solapur)
Aug 2009 Samsung Mall Promotion
Aug 2009 Independence Day Celebration at Spencer
Aug 2009 Soft Launch of Spencer
June 2009 Sangeet Sandhya At Ramoji Studio, Hyderabad
June 2009 1st Anniversary of Centre Square Mall, Vadodara
June 2009 Road show for Mountain Dew in Ahmedabad/Baroda/Surat/Anand
May 2009 Microsoft IE8 Survey and Installation  
May 2009 Brand Activity for Centre Square Mall.
May 2009 Castrol Event (IPL Matches)  
May 2009 Toys4Joys Event of Pantaloon
May 2009 Brands of India – Consumer Exhibition
Apr 2009 Road Show Castrol Oil
Mar 2009 Funfair of Play group School
Mar 2009 1st Anniversary of More Mega Store
Jan 2009 Annual Function of Billabong School, Anand
Jan 2009 “Ek sham Kishor ke Nam” Musical Show by AIMES. (Education Centre).  
Dec 2008 Vodafone Score Kya hai Mela 4 (SKH4) at Zenith Party Plot
Dec 2008 Top Gun (Vodafone Dealer Meet)
Dec 2008 Dhoom 2008 (Fashion show by Right Choice)
Dec 2008 Razzmatazz 2008 (Open Baroda Kids Carnival)
Nov 2008 Bike Rally by Yamaha
Nov 2008 Sales Camp by Yamaha
Oct 2008 Road Show for NEO Sports Channel
Oct 2008 Sales Camp by Skoda in ONGC, Vadodara.
Oct 2008 Dj & Live Band at Spencer Hyper
Oct 2008 Navratri Utsav (kids) at Spencer Hyper
Sep 2008 Special Offer Game event at More Mega Store for 15 Days
Aug 2008 Rakhsabandhan event at More Mega Store, Vadodara
Aug 2008 Independent Event at Spencer Hyper, Vadodara.
Aug 2008 Retailer Meet of Bosch Ltd. At Hotel Yuvraj
Jul 2008 ICICI Prudential meet at Hotel Taj, Vadodara.
Jun 2008 Lead Generation by Sharekhan in Central and More Mall
Jun 2008 Road show of SAB TV
May 2008 SKH Mela by Vodafone.
Mar 2008 Artistry Product Launch by Amway.
Mar 2008 Free Health Checkup Camp in Resi Area by Kotak Life.
Feb 2008 Annual Function Kangaroo kids School, Anand.
Feb 2008 Open Gujarat Dance Contest. Org. By N&M, Surat.  
Feb 2008 Razzmatazz (Open Baroda Kids Carnival).  
Dec 2007 Dhoom 07 (A Dance and Fashion Show)
Dec 2007 Bye Bye 07 by Gail (India) Ltd.
Nov 2007 Auto Ramp Show at Auto Fair org by Shree Laxmi Organisor.
Oct 2007 Cultural Show at RISM - Lawn Tennis by GAIL (India) Ltd.
Oct 2007 Bata Showroom Launch, Baroda
Oct 2007 Garvi Gujarat - Open Baroda Saree Contest (Org by Lioness Club)  
Oct 2007 Traditional Miss, Mrs & Mr Baroda 2007
Oct 2007 “Josh” a Star Employee Award Function by Kotak Life at Mt. Abu.
Sep 2007 GAIL Cultural Day (Org by Gail India Pvt. Ltd.)
Apr 2007 Vibrant 07 (Fashion Show Contest by Medical College - SSG)
Mar 2007 Chetichand Special (Fashion Cum Dance Show)  
Feb 2007 Bridal Beauty Contest (Lions Club - Baroda)  
Jan 2007 Auto Ramp Show (Org: Shree Laxmi Organisors)
Dec 2006 Dhoom 06 (A Dance and Fashion Show)
Nov 2006 Razzmataz 2006 (Open Baroda Kids Carnival)  
Nov 2006 Bridal Competition
Jul 2006 Facial Camp (Org by Ayuu Health Care)  
Sept 2005 Ayuu Face of the Year  
May 2005 Traditional Mrs Baroda  
Jan 2005 Traditional Miss & Handsome Baroda
May 2004 "Fantastics" Open Baroda Talent Camp, Vadodara
Feb 2004 Open Baroda Kids Competition, Vadodara  
2003 "East & West Dance Show"  
Dec 2000 Fashion Show  
1999 Open Baroda Dance Contest  
1998 Open Baroda Dance Contest  
1997 Fashion Show "Razmataz", Anand
Aug 1997 Miss University - Baroda  
Aug 1996 Miss University - Baroda
July 1995 Mr. & Ms Aptech - Baroda  
June 1995 Man of the year - Baroda  
April 1995 VCI Fashion Show  
Jan 1995 Aptech Cultural Show  
June 1994 Fashion Show, Anand
May 1994 Miss Panchamahal Godhra  
Jan 1994 B.C.  
Dec 1993 Aptech Cultural Show  
Dec 1992 Aptech Cultural Show "Exotica"  
Dec 1991 Aptech Fashion Show  
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